Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30th, 2015

This week was super weird. Elder Carver and i had to do a bunch of legal stuff and it was pretty boring. But despite only really having 3 days to work this week, we still got in some good citas.
On tuesday we had another Intercambio and i stayed in my area with the Elder i replaced. That was good because all the families were super excited to see hime and we got a bunch a lessons in cuz of him.

Thursday we had to wake up at 3:30 to get to the Immigrations place at 4 so we could wait till the place opened at 630. That was really fun. I got to go to the mission office while Elder Carver was doing all that stuff. That was actually pretty cool. We helped put up their Christmas tree and other decorations so it wasnt a complete waste of time. After all that we got back to our area at like 5 and didnt really get anything after that. We were able to make some smashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing that Elder Carvers mom sent and we also watched Meet the Mormons so it was still a pretty good thanksgiving.
Friday it was my turn to do all the immigrations stuff so we left the house at 530 and finshed everything at like 1230. And On saturday we had interviews and stuff so we were at the offices again till like 6.
We did get a chance though to meet with Iris this week on Monday. We basically just went to see how they were doing and taught them about Ponderizing and it was pretty chill. We didnt get to meet with our other investigators though because of the immigrations stuff but we have citas with them setup for this week so its good.
The second picture was a FHE with our pension and during the intercambio so thats why im not with Elder Carver. Thats it for this week hope you all have a good week.

Love Elder Crisp

Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23rd, 2015

This week was really different but it was really good. On tuesday we had a Multi-Zone conference with President Zambrano. They made us split into groups and make little skits about a section in the PMG, which was really weird but it was a good experience. After all those President talked to us about how to teach people and it was super powerful. He was talking about how we need to teach from the heart and not give reahearsed lessons to people. Its a little bit harder to do that when you only know a little spanish. But The people wont believe was were telling them if it doesnt seem sincere. That was another thing he said is if youre teaching from the heart, youre teaching by the Spirit, and that is the most important thing we can do.

We didnt get to teach Claudia this week becaus she wasnt here but we have an appointment with her on tuesday so well see how that goes. We also got a reference this week from a member for a lady that took the lessons a 6-7 monthes ago but she never really progressed. We taught her last week and we have another appointment with her on thursday. She seems to know a lot about the bible and stuff but she doesnt like going to church for some reason.
Thats about its for this week. Hope you all have a good week.

Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16th, 2015

So this week was a little bit more normal. The weather was just super hot and humid. And The teaching was a lot better this week. Our investigsator Claudia came back from her trip and we had a lesson this week. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and told her to read it and pray about it and she said she would. She hasnt not kept her commitments since we started teaching her so im pretty sure shell get an answer. There is another lady here that got baptized a few monthes before i got here but her husband didnt. They started  teaching him a few weeks before i got here. Hes super cool he goes to church every week he basically just needs to be baptized. We have a lesson with him tonight so well see how that goes.
     I also had my first intercambio (i honestly cant remeber what its called in english) and it was pretty sweet. I went with one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Escobar. It went really well because we taught like 6 lessons. Me and Elder Carver have never had more than 4 lessons in a day so it was a good experience. That was on Tuesday and the rest of the week was pretty chill. 
    Thats all I have for this week. Hope you all have a good week. 
Love Elder Crisp (the only one now :( 

Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9th, 2015

This week was a little bit insane. First off, the rain here is so weird. On Tuesday we were sitting eating lunch and it was blazing hot and there were no clouds. But then like literally 10 seconds later it just started pouring. Its was crazy. I was in the rain for like 5 seconds and i was completly soaked. But the rest off the week was nice because It didnt rain too much. Last Pday we all went to Papa Johns and it was pretty sweet ill send a picture of it.

Also this week was a little sad because the grandma of our investigator Iris passed away so her and her family were really sad and we didnt get to have a lesson this week. Also, our other investigator Claudia was gone all week on vacation or something so we didnt get to teach her either. Her situation is pretty hard because she only gets to see her son on Saturdays and Sundays and he lives like 6 hours away so she can never go to church, but she is trying to figure out a way she can. We teach a lot of less actives and recent converts. There is like 25 recent converts in our ward so it get pretty busy. The good thing is there is 4 of us in the ward so theyre not all ours.
This week i felt like i was understanding almost everything the people were saying. It was nice to actually understand and be able to respond to them.Thats all i got for this week. I do have some pictures this time though.. I hope you all have a good week. 

Love Elder Crisp

Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2nd, 2015


This week was good, but it was a bit hard. We had a bunch of lessons and that was pretty cool. We basically only have 2 investigators. One of them is a lady named Claudia, shes pretty cool and she is progressing really well. The other is a girl named Iris. She has been taking the lessons for like 8 months and she had a baptismal date set up for the 21st of November but she told us she had to push it pack to like december or january, so that ws a little disappointing. I got my first taste of the rain here. Its been raining for the past 3 days basically non-stop`so its a lot harder to find people cuz no one wants to come to the door when it rains. But the rain is crazy. It just keeps raining and raining and raining.
Its still really hard to understand the language though. I can understand certain words that people say and try and guess what they were trying to say, that works little bit. But when people ask me a question i have to ask them to repeat it a couple times to understand it. The one thing everyone here tells me to do is just say anything. So im trying to do that as much as i can.This week was pretty chill though. Nothing really exciting happened besides the rain. So thats all i have for the week. Unfortunatley the computer isnt reading my SD card so i cant send any pictures, sorry.
I hope you all have a good week.
Love Elder Crisp