Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24th, 2017

Hola everybody,

First I want to wish Mom a Happy Birthday. I hope you have a super sick day. I give you permission to do whatever you want today. But really Mom you are the best, i hope you know that you are the greatest example for me and i thank you for everything you have taught me.

Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes too. I happy to know that everyone is supporting me. I love you all and i happy to have you all as friends haha

I guess just an update on Armando. He had his interview yesterday and this Saturday is his baptism. We are going to have a FHE with our Branch Pres and his family to invite Armando`s dad to go and to help him a little bit. This family is the best. They are super prepared and little by little they are growing and learning more about the Gospel. I am sure that in a short time they will all be baptized. Enrique went visiting with us on Saturday the whole day. He introduced us to a few of his friends and we had a bunch of good visits. He told us that he felt the Spirit the whole day and that hes super pumped to go on a mish!!!!!

This week we had a Zone Meeting and we talked a lot about section 11 of D&C. I like verse 8: Verily, verily, I say unto you, even as you desire of me so it shall be done unto you; and, if you desire, you shall be the means of doing much good in this generation.

I like this verse because even though is talking more about missionaries, the concept is the same for everyone. If we really have a desire to do good, the Lord will guide and help us to do so. And the Lord will provide for us the things that were need. That's my little though of the day.

I love you all. Thanks again for the B-Day wishes, you guys are all the best.
Love Elder Crisp

Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17th, 2017


Well good news I stayed Valle Sanchez, so i was able to be there for Sabina's baptism. I was so happy i didn't get transferred and it'll be the first time in almost 9 months that I'm staying with my same comp too. It was probably one of the best baptismal services i been in. There was a bunch of support from the members and there were a few investigators too. The best part though is that her husband went. He was just going to drop us all off but we convinced him to come and see the chapel and all that. His name is Nestor, in all my time here he has never once talked to us other than to say hi, he basically hates us but i feel like little by little he too is going to open up. But Sabina shared her testimony afterwords and she said that the Gospel has changed her life and that in these 2-3 months that she known and heard the missionaries she has been happier than ever. Its amazing to see how the Gospel is changing her family. Her other kids are going to church too and they too want to get baptized.

Enrique`s brother, Armando, went to the baptism too. He really liked it and is pretty set on getting baptized. The only problem is that he is kind of lazy to go to church. He told us that he was going to be there yesterday but didn't go, we had the date set for this Saturday but he has to go to church one more time. I'm pretty sure next week he will get baptized. Something cool about Enrique is that he told us he wanted to go on a mission. We told him about it and he seems excited, he told us that he would go after he finishes school and all that but he is super excited, Armando was also asking us about it.

Other than that this week was pretty chill, we are trying to look for more investigators and we've been contacting with any extra time we have. Its a goal in the mission to find 20 new investigators every week and they emphasize finding a lot so its been a lot of knocking on doors haha. I love you all, hope you all have a sick week.

Elder Crisp

Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10th, 2017

Another sick week here in Valle Sanchez. Everything turned out good with the baptisms and a whole bunch of people went. It was pretty awesome to see how happy they were too, they both gave super strong testimonies about how they knew they were in the truth. They are going to be 2 really strong members of the church. Their families went too, and they all really like it and are more willing to listen to us. The mom of Enrique started to cry and told us that she was going to start to go to church and take the lessons too! It would be really cool to stay here this next cambio to be able to teach them too.

The baptism was really all we were focusing on this week so I don't really have to much more to talk about but it was a really good week. I was studying today about the importance of the scriptures in our lives and i found a verse in Joshua 1:8 the I really liked. "8 This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success. "

I like it because if we really ponder and pray about thee scriptures and do all we can to do what they teach us the Lord will guide us and will make our lives prosperous and we will have success like the verse says, and that comes when we ponder day and night and when we read everyday we will receive more and more help from the Lord.

That's my little though of the day, have a good week everyone. This Tuesday we have cambios, i hope i stay here because i love this area and there is is still a lot of people to teach h ere but well see what happens.

Love Elder Crisp

Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3rd, 2017

So this week was obviously pretty sweet with General Conference, and we were also super busy with the visits and all the stuff going down for the baptisms. Patricia changed to the date to the 8th so we had to teach a bunch of stuff this week and with Enrique we also had to teach a bunch of stuff.

There were 8 investigators total that went to at least one of the sessions of conference and they all like what they heard. Especially yesterday when Elder Costa spoke to the investigators, there were 5 investigators and i feel like all of them have somewhat of the same story as him, they have some doubts about joining a new church and leaving everything behind. I feel like thats going to help a lot for them. We have another sister with a baptismal date the 22nd. Her name is Brita and her son too. They are 2 of them that have doubts about leaving their church but she was super excited after and she told us she was going to be prepared for the 22nd. 

I'm so pumped for everything that's going on in this area. In this area over the past few years there hasn't been too much work and President was about to close this area a few months ago because of that, but now it seems like everyone want to listen to us.

One talk that i like in particular was from one of the 70.I don't remember who it was but I liked his example of the scout that didn't use his sleeping bag. When he told that story about how he dint use it so that he wouldn't have to roll it up again i honestly though to myself ¨How dumb, why would you not use it.¨ Then i realized that Heavenly Father probably act the same way when we don't take the time to do the important things. The one example he used was to pray sincerely. It made me reflect a lot and think if i really take the time to pray sincerely or just so i can get in my bed faster or to leave the house on time, either way his talk made me reflect a lot.

Funny story. When they talked about that fire in California and they showed the pic of Bro Draeger, i told everyone that i knew him and that he was in my ward and no one believed me hahaha.
That's it from this week I'm super pumped for this Saturday. Have a good week everybody. I love you all!!!!

Elder Crisp

It was my comps b'day this week.