Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 30th, 2015


This week was a really good week. Im starting to understand a lot more spanish which is pretty awesome. We also watched like 5 devos this week and they were all solid. Im just gunna write day by day.

Thursday was a pretty normal day up until night class. Our teacher told us we were teaching a lesson but she didnt tell us who. So we made a really short lesson plan. But She brought a bunch of her friends to teach and there was an actual investigator. And Martinez and I had to teach him. I got pretty nervous because we were actually teaching this guy that didnt know anything about the church. It was a intense but it was also really good practice. Also our teacher was telling us all this stuff about when she was a kid. And she told us she had a pet tiger for like 3 months which was pretty legit, just thought I would add that in.

Saturaday was pretty boring and since it was fast Sunday we started the fast after lunch. The rest of that night was hard cuz everyone was talking about food and making everyone more hungry. We didnt eat until lunch on Sunday and I dont think ive ever been more hungry in my life.

On Saturday night we watched a Devo by Holland from 2011 and it was probably the best talk Ive heard. He said 3 things to look out for on your mission. 1st was that missionaries dont study well. He said one of the most important things is companionship study and if we waste time throughout the day comp study is the first thing that gets left out. 2nd was that we need to prepare well. Not just to prepeare to teach a lesson but to teach the person and listen to their needs. #rd was to teach for commitments. He said we have to be able to teach them well enought to want to commit to things themselves. And that we need to teach with power and authority in order to do that. Those were just some notes I took on it but it was a really powerful talk because he was really direct about what we need to do.

Monday we got to watch Elder Scott´s funeral. It was really cool beacuse the talks were more about his life outside of being a member of the twelve. Cristofferson talked because Scott was his mission pres on his mission. He told a story about hos they were driving around and Elder Scott stopped at a winery and told them to wait in the car. Cristofferson was really confused why he would be buying wine. He walked out with a bottle that looked like wine, but Elder Scott said "This is the best grape juice youll ever have. I just thought that was a funny story.

Today we got to go to the Temple again and I tried doing it without a translater and I understood a lot of it. After the temple we went shopping and did all that stuff. We got our sick custom jerseys today so thats exciting. Thats all I have for this week.

Love Elder Crisp

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 23rd, 2015


This week was almost exactly the same as last week. All we do is go to class all day. My spanish is getting a lot better though. I can actually have a good conversation with all the Latinos here. Sometimes i cant understand anything they say but most of the time I can understand them. The Latinos only stay here for 2 weeks so the ones that came in with us left this morning. All the new Elders and Sisters got here this morning at like 3:30 and now theres like 150 people here so its packed. Its kind of weird, it seems like everyone here knows someone because theyre all from Utah and Arizona. Im literally the only one here thats from California. But all the people from Utah in my district are really cool, like theyre not like normal Utah mormons.

The days here are going by so much faster now that Im getting used to everything. All the calsses even though theyre like 3 and half hours long, fly by which is good. I have 2 teachers throughout the day. My morning teacher, Hermano Luczano, Is really cool but since we dont have any sisters in our district, hes a pretty hard on us when we teach and he very direct about what he wants. My night teacher, Hermana Cepeda, is the complete opposite. She is super nice and always jokes around with us and shes helps with our Spanish a lot.

Today for P-day, we went to this supermarket place called Metros. Inside theres this place that sell soccer jerseys for like $8 and theyre pretty sweet. I got a Barca Messi jersey today and we ordered custom USA jerseys too. I chose # 66 and the name on the back is Coco. No one really knows who Coco Crisp is so they all think im weird but it doesnt matter. We also got to goto the temple today. The temple is so cool. And listening the sessions in spanish is pretty sweet too.

One funny thing about all the Latinos and teachers here is they pronouns Crisp. They all say Crips, so now all the people in my district call me Crips. Ive accidentally introduced myself as Crips a couple times too. This sunday we watched another devo. This time it was by Cristofferson. He answered a bunch of questions he gets asked a lot. It was really good. I dont have my notes unfortunently and cant rememeber any of the exact respones but Ill try and remeber my notes next week.

Thats pretty much it for this week. I love you all a lot and am really starting to miss you guys.
Love Elder Crisp

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16th, 2015

My first week in the CCM has been pretty sick. I told you about the 2 other missionaries that came with me. But when we got here that night they had no idea why we came a day earlier then everyone else but it was all good. Me and the other Elder got to go to the Temple too so that was good way to start off. It was sweet to hear the session in Spanish and Im really glad I worked in the temple because the workers didnt have a card to read off in spanish so I had to say it in English and they didnt know it in english so they had to trust I would do it right.Wednesday was when we started all our training stuff and a bunch of different teachers talked to us. Im pretty disappointed though because the day before I got here Elder Bednar came here to speak so I missed by a day. The only thing we really do here is wake up go to class for like 9 hours a day and then go back to bed so its pretty boring. But My companion , Elder Martinez, is really cool. He reminds me so much of Stephen because hes super sarcastic and really funny. The other Elders in my district are cool too so it makes the classes a lot more fun. All the other Elders that have been here for 4 weeks say this place gets worse and worse the longer you´re here and talk about how its pretty much a low security prison and it kind of feels like that already. The food here is honestly a lot better then i thought it would be. Theres chicken and rice every luch and dinner but its really good and you dont really get sick of eating it cause its really good. Sunday was the best day of my week for sure because we got to go to church and take a break from spanish for a day. The CCM Presidency gave a bomb lesson about our purpose has missionaries and it was super spiritual. One of the counelors started the Sacrament meeting by say that BYU won again off a hail Mary so that got everyone pumped up. Yesterday a General Authority came and gave a devotional. It was in spanish so i literally didnt understand a single thing he said but the Elders that could said it was good. Today for p day we got to go to the Temple again which was awesome. And after we went shooping at this place called Tottus, which is like the Wal-Mart here. I felt good to get out of the CCM and see the city, which is crazy. There is so much traffic and crossing the street was a real life game of Frogger cause the people dont stop for anything. Im having a lot of fun here so far and Im so happy to finally be on a mission. I dont know if this is longenough for you mom but its all I got. I love you and miss you all so much already but I know this is where I nned to be.

Love, Elder Crisp

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8th, 2015

They told me i only had 3 minutes to write so this wont be long. Yesterday was a really long day. We got to Peru at like midnight and then had to drive like an hour and a half to get to the CCM and i finally got to sleep at like 3:30 so that was fun. I met up with 3 other missionaries at the airport so that made the trip more exciting. The CCM is really cool and all the other Elders and Sisters are really cool. They are rushing me to finish so i have to go. Send me everyones emails so i know who to send letters to.
Love Elder Crisp