Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 23rd, 2015


This week was almost exactly the same as last week. All we do is go to class all day. My spanish is getting a lot better though. I can actually have a good conversation with all the Latinos here. Sometimes i cant understand anything they say but most of the time I can understand them. The Latinos only stay here for 2 weeks so the ones that came in with us left this morning. All the new Elders and Sisters got here this morning at like 3:30 and now theres like 150 people here so its packed. Its kind of weird, it seems like everyone here knows someone because theyre all from Utah and Arizona. Im literally the only one here thats from California. But all the people from Utah in my district are really cool, like theyre not like normal Utah mormons.

The days here are going by so much faster now that Im getting used to everything. All the calsses even though theyre like 3 and half hours long, fly by which is good. I have 2 teachers throughout the day. My morning teacher, Hermano Luczano, Is really cool but since we dont have any sisters in our district, hes a pretty hard on us when we teach and he very direct about what he wants. My night teacher, Hermana Cepeda, is the complete opposite. She is super nice and always jokes around with us and shes helps with our Spanish a lot.

Today for P-day, we went to this supermarket place called Metros. Inside theres this place that sell soccer jerseys for like $8 and theyre pretty sweet. I got a Barca Messi jersey today and we ordered custom USA jerseys too. I chose # 66 and the name on the back is Coco. No one really knows who Coco Crisp is so they all think im weird but it doesnt matter. We also got to goto the temple today. The temple is so cool. And listening the sessions in spanish is pretty sweet too.

One funny thing about all the Latinos and teachers here is they pronouns Crisp. They all say Crips, so now all the people in my district call me Crips. Ive accidentally introduced myself as Crips a couple times too. This sunday we watched another devo. This time it was by Cristofferson. He answered a bunch of questions he gets asked a lot. It was really good. I dont have my notes unfortunently and cant rememeber any of the exact respones but Ill try and remeber my notes next week.

Thats pretty much it for this week. I love you all a lot and am really starting to miss you guys.
Love Elder Crisp

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