Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18th, 2016

So this week we got cambios (transfers). Im going to stay in the same area but with a new comp. Elder Vallejo from Ecuador. He is super cool and he works super hard. But the weird thing his dad is going to be our new Mission President in 5 monthes. Im not sure how that happened but his dad was called to serve in the same mission as his son at the same time. Its a lot of pressure haha.

We did get a lot of lessons this week compared to my first 2 cambios. We contacted this kid named Fernando. Hes really cool. He knows a lot about the bible and all that good stuff and weve had to lessons wityh him and theyve gone really well. We taught another guy David. We also taught him twice this week and he too seems to really like the lessons. Well see where they go this week.

Besides thats stuff nothing super exciting happened. And now in my house there are 3 latinos and me. And none of them really speak any English at all. Its been pretty weird to not be able to speak any englkish this week, but its definitely going to help my Spanish. But in this cambio theres a holiday called Carnaval. Its like the craziest holiday for latinos. But were not allowed to leave the house for 3 days which would be cool but i live with 3 latinos. haha.

So that was my week. Hope you all have a good week.

Love Elder Crisp

Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11th, 2016

This week was pretty sweet. First off we had the baptism, and that was great.I got to baptize Yudith and Elder Carver baptized Iker. I honestly wasnt expecting to much support from the ward, because no too many people knew who they were. And like 10 minutes before the baptism started they was literally no one there. But in that 10 minutes like 25-30 members of the ward showed up. The Relief Society Pres made refreshments and it was super cool. And the Primary Pres gave a talk and a few other missionaries came too, so it was great to have so much support for them. Yesterday at church they got confirmed and all that good stuff.

Also at church a super in active family came to church . It was suprising because everytime we pass by their house the parents always say that their kids dont want to go, but 3 of 5 of their kids came and that was super sweet too. Besides that we didnt have to much in terms of lessons but it was still a great week.
It was also the last week of the cambio (transfer) but we haven't found out where we are going yet. Well find out tomorrow or wednesday. Ill probably be staying in this area is what everyone is telling me. And Elder carve is going to be leaving basically no matter what because he has 9 monthes in this area.

Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4th, 2016

This week was pretty sweet again. It was one of our best weeks for lessons. We also have a baptism for this saturday. Its for a lady Judith and her son Iker. They were taking the lessons a few monthes before I got here but they randomly dropped it, but we started teaching them again and they said they wanted to get baptized. Im super excited for this one because she asked me to baptize her. So it will be my first chance to actually baptize someone. Theyre are super cool and Im glad they decided to make that step. The rest of our lessons were with some less actives that almost "never have time", but we taught them and some of them went to church on Sunday so im excited for them.

New Years here is basically the same at home. At midnight people just light off a bunch of fireworks. I didnt really fall asleep until like 2 because it was so loud. Our ward here had a party too which started at 930 pm, but our Mission President said all the missionaries had to be in their house at 8 so we didnt get to go. We spent a few hours helping them set it all up but we didnt get to do anything haha. I also had the sweet experience of getting an ingrown toenail removed( ill attach pictures hahaha). It was pretty cool, they just numbed my whole foot and yanked it out.
Thats it for this week. Hopè you all had a fun New Years. Love you all.
Love Elder Crisp
(Sorry this picture does look pretty gross but i want you all to see it hahahaha. The second picture is the main plaza here.)