Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4th, 2016

This week was pretty sweet again. It was one of our best weeks for lessons. We also have a baptism for this saturday. Its for a lady Judith and her son Iker. They were taking the lessons a few monthes before I got here but they randomly dropped it, but we started teaching them again and they said they wanted to get baptized. Im super excited for this one because she asked me to baptize her. So it will be my first chance to actually baptize someone. Theyre are super cool and Im glad they decided to make that step. The rest of our lessons were with some less actives that almost "never have time", but we taught them and some of them went to church on Sunday so im excited for them.

New Years here is basically the same at home. At midnight people just light off a bunch of fireworks. I didnt really fall asleep until like 2 because it was so loud. Our ward here had a party too which started at 930 pm, but our Mission President said all the missionaries had to be in their house at 8 so we didnt get to go. We spent a few hours helping them set it all up but we didnt get to do anything haha. I also had the sweet experience of getting an ingrown toenail removed( ill attach pictures hahaha). It was pretty cool, they just numbed my whole foot and yanked it out.
Thats it for this week. Hopè you all had a fun New Years. Love you all.
Love Elder Crisp
(Sorry this picture does look pretty gross but i want you all to see it hahahaha. The second picture is the main plaza here.)

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