Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11th, 2016

This week was pretty sweet. First off we had the baptism, and that was great.I got to baptize Yudith and Elder Carver baptized Iker. I honestly wasnt expecting to much support from the ward, because no too many people knew who they were. And like 10 minutes before the baptism started they was literally no one there. But in that 10 minutes like 25-30 members of the ward showed up. The Relief Society Pres made refreshments and it was super cool. And the Primary Pres gave a talk and a few other missionaries came too, so it was great to have so much support for them. Yesterday at church they got confirmed and all that good stuff.

Also at church a super in active family came to church . It was suprising because everytime we pass by their house the parents always say that their kids dont want to go, but 3 of 5 of their kids came and that was super sweet too. Besides that we didnt have to much in terms of lessons but it was still a great week.
It was also the last week of the cambio (transfer) but we haven't found out where we are going yet. Well find out tomorrow or wednesday. Ill probably be staying in this area is what everyone is telling me. And Elder carve is going to be leaving basically no matter what because he has 9 monthes in this area.

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