Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7th, 2016

Hola everybody,

This week was pretty chill. We didn't have to many citas [appointments] and we didn't meet any new investigators so it was a little rough but were still working. Victor and Vilma, were able to go to a baptism this week of a girl in the ward though. And they said they were excited for their baptism. They are reading the Book of Mormon together and they also said that its bonita [beautiful], so i'm excited for that .
Today is exactly 6 months that I left on my mission. Its absolutely insane how fast itsd gone by, and even though is only been 6 months, I've still learned a ton about this Gospel and my testimonio is 50 times bigger than before i left. And i know that in the next 18 months i still have a lot more stuff to learn and I'm pumped to be able to do that. 

Yesterday we had the opportunity to to visit a family in the ward that went through something really hard. The dad of this family was accused of robbing and beating someone in a park that he was never even been in and they put him in jail for a month and basically took away everything he had. This guy is like 60 years old and is literally the nicest person i have ever met. And after he got out of jail he couldn't do anything. He couldn't leave his house alone and he had to be in his house at 6pm or they put him back in jail. The cool thing about the visit that we had was that we were contacting and we knocked on their without knowing that they lived there. We shared a couple scriptures with them and they thanked us for everything and told us that that visit was exactly what they needed. Experiences like that are what make it exciting to be a missionary. That we can have such a big impact on people. Its super cool. 

Anyway that's about it for this week. Love you all and hope you have a good week.

Elder Crisp

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