Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11th, 2016

Hola everybody,

This week was pretty good. .We have been teaching a less active member with a drinking problem. The first time we visited him he was drunk. The second time we visited him, was last Friday and he told us that he would go to Conference but he we called in the morning and he told us that he got drunk again the night before so he wasn't going to go. I felt really bad because he was super excited to go. We visited him again this week and he seemed to completely change, he told us in the visit this Friday, that he hadn't drunk this whole week and that he felt really good. That was really exciting. When we passed by on Sunday morning to pick him up he wasn't there. And i got super sad again thinking that he went out drinking again, but when we got to church he was just sitting there in the back of the chapel, reading his Hymn book. I was super happy how much he had changed in just this one week and we visited after church and he was really happy and excited for us to be there.
We also taught an investigator that was a contact from the week before i got here. His name is Miguel Angel. We taught him the Restoration and the Book of Mormon with him and his son, but his wife was never there. This past Wednesday we visited them and his wife was there so we decided to teach the Restoration with her. We asked him if there was something he remember from what we taught and he asked us for the pamphlet we had. We gave him one and he started to teach his wife about Jose Smith and was telling his wife how important it all was. The only thing i could do was smile. They accepted the 7th of May to get baptized. This entire family is super cool. His 11 year old son is reading the Book of Mormon by himself and every visit he explains to us what he learned and all that good stuff. I'm super pumped for this family.
Other than that we didn't have too much. But this week was really good. I met a bunch of the members at church and they are all super cool. This ward is real small. There was only about 40-45 people in church yesterday but they are all pretty cool.
That's pretty much it for this week. Hope you all have a good week.
Elder Crisp

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