Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30th, 2016

This week was pretty sweet. On Wednesday we had our last interviews with Presidente Zambrano. He leaves on June 30. And on Thursday was his last Multi Zone conference with him too. Presidente and his wife are probably 2 of the coolest people i have ever met. Its going to be pretty sad when they leave but there has been so much that i have learned from them that i will probably never forget. In the conference he talked a lot about the 3 things that makes someone successful:

1)Obedience(obvious), 2) Living righteously, correcting things that we can in our lives and whne there are things we cant correct ourselves, we trust in the Lord to help us correct them, 3) Doing everything we can to help others. He always applies those 3 things to missionaries but he explained to us that these 3 things apply for the rest of our lives, that through these 3 things we can really find happiness in this life. Its basically impossible to do anything in this life if were not living according to gospel and when we do everything we can to live righteously we can be successful leaders of the church.

We didn't really get to visit with any of our progressing families this week other than the Campero Flia. We visited them on Saturday and it was a really good lesson. We talked about the Book Of Mormon a lot and how much its changed our lives. The spirit was really strong and he was on the verge of tears so it was really good. They couldn't go to church though because they left in the morning to go to his moms because the 27th was Mothers Day here. Other than that we didn't visit with to many people .

Anyway Happy Bolivian Mothers Day to everyone, i hope you all had a good week,hahaha. Love you guys.

Love Elder Crisp

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