Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22nd, 2016

Hola Everybody,

This week was pretty chill. We finally got to leave and work. We met with Omar and the Flia Campero this week. Omar told us that we have to push the date back to the 3rd because he has a test on the 27th, but we taught him about the Commandments this week and he understood pretty well everything. We finished lesson 5 too so now we just have to help him prepare more and teach him a few things again. He went to church yesterday again and then after we went on a few visits with him with a few families. It was pretty awesome. We talked with him about Missionary Work and he told us that hes been telling all his friends in school to go to his baptism and his teachers too and he told us that when we needed help with a visit that he always there to help us. I'm super pumped with how fast he progressing. It's honestly unbelievable compared to how he acted before and how he acts now.
Other than that we couldn't find the Flia Sosa because they left for a week. But we did have a visit with a new family, the Flia Salazar. They are a super cool family. Their daughter is a convert and her parents were attending when she got baptized but stopped going. We taught them about the Restoration and they liked it a lot. They said they were going to read and pray about it and do everything they can to go to church next week..
Another family that we met a few weeks ago but taught for the first time yesterday is the Flia Salvatierra. We taught them too about the Restoration and they told us that it all made since why there had to be a restoration ad that Christ came to the Americas. I'm excited for them to because they are really cool.
That's about it for this week. It was good to actually leave and work this week and also meet some new people. Have a good week.
Elder Crisp
(that's a huge plate of what they call Pique Macho)
(Us hanging on the outside of a bus)

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