Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28th, 2016

Hola everybody,

This week was a little slow. We didn't really get to many citas. The hard part is that the majority of the people we are teaching only have time on Saturday, and when Saturday got here, no one was there. We are basically looking for more people to teach everyday and we have met a few pretty cool people that could progress. 

We are still working with the Flia Vidourre. They were super excited for this week to get baptized and we were helping them and preparing them a lot. But a whole bunch of stuff came up with her and her family and work and they don't seem as excited now. They didn't go to church yesterday because she was working and just in this week one of sewing machines that uses for work broke and so shes working more now. We are going to talk with her tonight to see how we can help her. We are still planned for this Saturday for her baptism, but we'll see.

Other than that there wasn't too much from this week. We are working hard now to find more people to teach and were starting to work a little bit more with the members so that will help a lot.
Hope you ll have a good week. I love you all. 

Elder Crisp

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