Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26th, 2015

My first week was pretty crazy, but it was good. First off my companion is Elder Craver from Clinton Utah. Hes really cool. Hes a really good trainer. Hes been in this same area for 6 monthes so he knows his way around. This area is called Centanario. It is directly in the middle of the city. Elder Carver sadi this is the "richest" area ill serve in, and also that our house is the only one with hot water so thats pretty cool. But agin this week was crazy.

Tuesday: We had a flight at like 730. We got to Bolivia at like 2 and it was blazing hot. I didnt think it would be as hot and ghumid as it was. While we were driving to the mission home I looked out the window and saw a bunch of ostriches running along side the bus which was pretty funny. We had lunch and stuff and got interviewed and stuff. We went to a hotel for the night and that was basically it.
Wednesday: We had to do all the migration stuff so we were sitting in an office for 4 or 5 hours. But after we went to a meeting and found out who our companions were. Just for wednesday and thurday we had a trio because the other missionary in our house didnt have a companion so it was a little weird. We had a lesson and it went well.
Thursday-Saturday: Thursday was a normal day here. We studied then went to lunch and after lunch we walked to th e people we were supposed to teach and they either werent there or didnt have to time so we didnt really teach much. It was the same Friday and Saturday.The lessons we did teach though were good. Its really hard understanding people though. My CCM techers said Bolivians are easier to understand but that is definitly false. People here dont pronounce the S´sat the end of words so they all just slur together. But it is getting a little bit easier.
Sunday: Since it was STake Conference we had to go to the stake center like 30 minutes away. It was so full there, the had to set up chairs in the hallway to fit everybody. We watched a recording of Elder Anderson and one of the ladies from the General PRimary Presidency. It was all in Spanish obviously so i couldnt understand most of it.
. In the Adjusting to missionary life book they give us, theres a story from elder Hinkley. When he went on his mission, at first it was a really bad experience. And he sent his dad a letter saying he was wasting his time and his fathers money. His Dad sent a letter back and it just said "Gordon, forget yourself and go to work." I really like that because even though Im not frustrated now, I know if i ever am, I just need to forget about my problems and go teach and work. My first week week was sweet. I know its gunna get even better once I can speak the language too. Sorry i dont any pictures this week. I didnt realy get a chance to take any. But ill have some next week.
I hope you all have a good week. I love you all.
Love Elder Crisp

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