Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 7th, 2015

Whats up everybody. The ccm is going really good. And spanish is
coming along really well. Peruvians talk super fast so its hard to
understand sometimes, but they tell me Bolivians talk really slow so
Im looking forward to that. This week was by far the best here.
Saturday and Sunday was only GC and a bunch of extra study time so it
was a nice break. One of my favorite talks was by Von G. Geetch, not
sure if thats spelled right but I liked his analogy about the barrier
and the sharks. The people were so quick to complain about the barrier
without knowing what it was for. I feel like I relate to the surfers
because Im always pretty quick to complain about everything, but Im
working on it. Its a lot like mission rules and escepcially the CCM
rules becuase some of the rules here seem useless but I know they are
there to help me and stuff. Today is someones birthday in my district,
and we started singing happy birhtday but the President came over and
told us,"... thers no singing in the CCM." I really wanted to say,
"yeah there is, we sing all the time," haha but that probably wouldnt
be a good idea. Geetch also talked about how if Jesus submitted
himself to the path God wanted for him, then we should submit
ourselves to God as well.My "ponderize" scripture is Alma 13:29. Its a
pretty self explanitory scripture. Today has been pretty solid too. We
went to the temple which is always sweet. I dont know if ive mentioned
it but there is this place called Metro, which is like a big market
place. Theres nothing really special about it except for the store
that sells jerseys. I bought a Neymar jersey today. When we got back
we had lunch with this guy that was Elder Martinez´s dad´s companion
when he served in Trujillo, so that was pretty sweet. Thats pretty
much it for this week besides all the classes and stuff.. Its pretty
hard to believe ive been gone for a month already and that in 2 weeks
ill been in Bolivia. Sorry this is all one big paragraph, the
connection is really slow so were on the super old version of Gmail
and you cant really do much. I got a couple pictures today. The first
one is of my whole district and the 2nd one is just a random picture
of the main road outsiide of Metro. I love and miss you all so much.
Love Elder Crisp

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