Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14th, 2015

So this week was pretty chill. We didn't have to many lessons again. We had a cita with Jose but that fell, but we are going to get a cita for this week. We talked with Claudia this week and that went really well. Every time we talk with her i can feel the spirit so strong. We can tell that she wants to keep learning and reading the Book of Mormon and she really has a desire to learn. We found out that the place where her son lives and where she travels every sunday is super small and doesnt have a church there. She told us that she is attending another church there. We had an intercambio this week and we went over to Iris' and talked with her. She told us the only reason she doesnt want to get baptized is because she scared her mom wont support her. The only person in her family that is a member is her brother who is on a mission so hopefully talking to him on Christmas will help with that.

That's basically it for the lessons we had this week. We really don't have much to do. We try and ask for references from the members and try and find new people to teach but nothing really happens. Everyone we have citas with are ALWAYS working. We did have a meeting with the Bishop and Ward Mission Leader about the plan for 2016 which was really good. We are going to start focusing more on retention because only about a third of the recent converts from this ward are active. I'm excited to kind of have a new plan.
I'm starting to love this place more and more everyday. The people are so nice even if they don't like us they're still nice to us which is pretty funny. I feel like my spanish is getting better and better everyday too. That's all i have for this week. Sorry i don't have any pictures. There's really nothing to take pictures of here.

Love Elder Crisp

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