Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 21st, 2015

So this week was little bit of a downer. We barely had any lessons and it was a little bit frustrating. But we did have did have a cool experience yesterday. All the missionaries went to a park in the middle of santa cruz and all sang hymns. It was pretty cool. All the different zones had their own song. We didnt have to much time to prepare but it still went really well and all the people there loved it. And i got to see all the people from my group for the first time since the CCM so it was really fun. And tonight all the missionaries are having a huge diinner so im looking forward to that.

Christmas here is pretty weird, in south America everbody celebrates Christmas the 24th, so we have a bunch of place to go and eat and all that stuff the 24th, but not the 25th. Its a little bit different but its cool. The cool thing is we have a baptism the 26th with the family we're Skyping with. They have a son thats 9 and another that just turned 8 and theyre both getting baptized on Saturday. So that will be a cool. That family is super cool. When we asked if we could Skype at their house he got super excited and didn't even hesitate to say yes. He's funny because he always tries to speak English to us. Thats really all i have for this week cuz not much happened. Im super excited to talk to you all on Friday. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Crisp

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