Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12th, 2016

Hola everybody,

This week was a little bit interesting. There wasn't too much that went on but it was still a really good week. Its also starting to get really hot here so that's been fun to. This week President Cabezas invited us to the Leaders Conference so we got to do that this week too. All the talks were about the importance of knowing who we are. They talked a lot about what it really means to be a representative of Jesus Christ. It helped me a lot to reflect on why I'm here and why i left on a mission. It was a 9 hour conference of solid learnage.

Other than that this week was pretty empty. We taught the Flia Campero and Omar and read the BofM with them and they are started to learn a lot more a lot faster. We also did exchanges this week so i wasn't really in my area for 2 days but we were able to visit Freddy again and we taught him the Plan of Salvation. He didnt really have any doubts about it and he is starting to progress.
The only thing about this week is that the ward boundaries changed, so basically everyone we have been teaching are no longer in this ward. Omar, the flia salazar, flia sosa and like 60% of the priesthood in the ward is no longer part of the ward. It is a little sad that we wont be able t visit them anymore. Yesterday we ran around saying bye to everyone and explaining to them what happened. I have some pictures of all that.

Thats about it for this week. This week is probably my last in this area because cambios (transfers) are miercoles. tHANKS FOR EVERYTHING. hAVE A GOOD WEEK.

(1 Omar and his nephews and neice)
(2 Flia Aguirre, a super sick family here.)
(3 Flia Valverde another super sick family here)

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