Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27th, 2017


This week was one of the best weeks of my mission. We were able to put 3 baptismal dates and they are all pretty really to get baptized.

Sabina is pretty excited for her baptism. She went to church yesterday and then we visited them after. She is progressing so fast. She is praying on her own and shes reading the BofM with her kids. Her date is still the 15th so im excited for that.

The other is Patricia. We also visited her yesterday and she asked us if we could move her date up a week to the 8th so shell be getting baptized next Saturday. She is completely prepared. She goes to Institute and is reading the BofM too. Shes super excited for everything.

The other one we had this week is a guy named Enrique. Hes 21 years old and we{ve been teaching him and his fam since last cambio. He has been the one that is more interested. He reads and prays and is the only one of his family that goes to church. Yesterday we went over and watched the Restoration, which is always a good way to explain about Joseph Smith. He liked the movie a lot and afterword we invited for the 8th as well. He told us that yes and that he was really excited too. All 3 of them are super prepared and I'm super pumped for the nest few weeks. 

So crazy story that shows again that this world is super tiny. There is a recent convert here that has a daughter that lives in Virginia. I looked up her address and realized that she lived in Jeremy´s mission, so I sent him the address. Jeremy told me that she actually lives in his new area and only a few blocks from his apartment. So he went a contacted her and told her that her Mom sent the missionaries to come visit her!!!!! The picture of Jeremy is with the daughter and the picture of me is with the mom.

Elder Crisp

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