Monday, July 3, 2017

July 3rd, 2017

Buenos días everbody,

First off the baptism was pretty sweet. And a long with the baptism i was able to strengthen my terstimony about fasting. We decided to fast from Friday afternoon til Saturday in the morning so that we could prepare for the baptism and we had a huge miracle. We fasted specifically for the Mamani Family, (Sabina, Emma, Ivan, Carla) and especially for the dad because he is pretty hard and he wasnt going to go to the baptism. We went Saturday inthe morning to fill the font and clean the chapel and after we finished our fast. About 20 minuted after we finished our fast while we were in the bus going home, Carla calls us tell us that out of nowhere her dad canhged his mind and that he was going to go. He called her like 10 minutes more or less after we finished our fast. I was absolutly amazed at how fast the Lord answered our fast and blessed that family. It was a pretty awesome day.

Cain went to church yesterday and we are going to see if this Saturday he gets baptized. He is still excited and hes still reading and praying. He just told us that he need a few more days to make sure that he ready for baptism.

Other baptism that we have set now is Sabina´s other daughter Pamela. She also has been going to church for a while but was taking the lessons and didnt have permission from her dad but now shes excited to get baptized as well. She is reading the BofM and praying too.

We also invited Alicia to get baptized yesterday and she said yes but she didnt want to put a date. We told her to prepare for the 29th and she said that she would get baptized when she feels that shes ready. She said that it forsure be before ileave though, so thats something to look forward too. We bought her a Triple and shes read all of Moses and is reading D&C too.

This tuesday are cambios but I'm not sure whats going to happen. I'm hoping that I stay because we have a bunch of baptisms for this cambio and I'm looking forward to all that . Thanks everyone, i love you all, have a good week. 

Elder Crisp

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