Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31st, 2017

Buenos días everbody,

How's everything going with everybody. I hope you're all happy and doing well. Everthing is going pretty chill here in Valle Sanchez. We working pretty hard with Alicia and Alfredo and Dayana so that the can get baptized on the 12th. We visited Alfredo and dayana yesterday after church and she is still doesnt feel like she is ready, we just told them to pray and to ask God if the should get baptized and she said she would, we are going to have another FHE with them today and well see what they say. The Spirit was super strong in that visit so i have faith that they will say yes.

Alicia has been pretty busy this week with work so we havnt been able to visit her much but she is still pretty excited for the 12th. She is still reading and praying and all that so im sure she be baptized the 12th too. 

This week we had a Multi zone conference which was pretty sweet. It was my last one so i had to give my testimony and all that trunky stuff. It was a really good topic though. they talked about the attributes of Christ. Pres talked about faith and i liked a lot of things he said. Faith is a spritual GIFT. It has to be given to us by God, and for him to give us more faith we have to do everything we can to learn and act upon teachigs of Christ. I like that the Lord blesses us with faith as we continue to follow His example and keep the commandments, and as we gain more faith as it explains in ALMA 34, it will "produce fruit" for us ad that fruit are blessngs from God.

That's it for this week. Have a good week hahahaha.

A few random pictures and the huge disadvantage to having the flipping airport in your last area hahaha, every 15 minutes a plane takes off.

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